The full name of the compiling author is Abu Abdullah Mohammad Ibn Yazid ibn Majah al Rabial Qazwini, Persia. He was born in Hijri 209. Majah was the nickname of his father.

His prominent Ustaad were Ibn Abi Shaybah, another prominent Muhadith of the time. He was popular for his memory and reliability.

According to Imam Dhahabi, ibn Majah had three structural contributions in Islamic literature.

  1. Sunan Ibn Majah - a compilation of 4341 Hadith categorised under 1560 chapters.
  2. Kitabul Tafseer - a commentary on the Quran.
  3. Kitabul Tareekh - Historical biographies of the narrators of Hadith.

In those days, Baghdad was the center of memorising and chain of narrations known as Darul Isnad al wali wal Hifz. It was under the patronage of Caliphate. Ibn Majah went to Baghdad after learning from Makkah and Madina.

Sunan includes 3002 Hadith that are common in other five books of Hadith but he presented with a different chain of narrations. This is the distinguished quality of Ibn Majah which is not found in other books of Hadith. Sunan Ibn Majah has 1339 Ahadith that are not found in the other five books of Kutube Sitta.

Imam Ibn Majah died in 273 Hijri.