Imam Malik's Contribution to Hadith Compilation

Imam Malik worked and researched in the Heejaz area (coastal area of Arabia) and Madinah so he could accumulate only those hadith and juristic verdicts which were narrated by sahaba who stayed back in Madinah after the death of the messenger of Allah and the Tabiyeen.

Imam Malik's Stance on Legal Uniformity

Imam Malik Refused to Let His Muwatta Be Declared as the Book of Constitution. Muwatta of Imam Malik grew in popularity in authenticity and richness of topics because his students carried out his work in many parts of the world. When Khalifa Mansur the Abbasid Khalifa visited Makkah for Hajj, he met Imam Malik. He offered to put his book Muwatta as the main book of jurist verdicts. Still, Imam Malik disagreed and said, “The sahaba had settled in different cities and villages and I couldn't gather those juristic views and verdicts from them. In this situation, people should not be forced to follow only one Jurist.

Variations of Muwatta Narration

Muwatta has been narrated by Imam Malik in thirty ways but only sixteen were famous. Four out of these sixteen by Yahya, Ibn Bukhair, Abu Musab, and Ibn Wahb were counted as the most authoritative and among these four, the one by Yahya surpassed them all.