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You will carefully read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms of Use document. If you do not understand or agree to ALL Terms of Use, you forgo the right to use our service, and you will not login to the ProphetMuhammad.com site at any time. Please pay attention to the following rules which if broken, will result in a PERMANENT BAN from the ProphetMuhammad.com site WITHOUT A REFUND.

ProphetMuhammad.com is held harmless

You explicitly, expressly and totally understand and agree that ProphetMuhammad.com is held harmless by you and anyone else against any wrongdoing, damage, scam, misrepresentation, inappropriate contact, untruthfulness, trickery, or deceit perpetrated against you by any member that you meet on this site or on any of our affiliated sites, or that you meet through ProphetMuhammad.com.

ProphetMuhammad.com Assumes no Liability, Financial or Otherwise in any such cases.

ProphetMuhammad.com does not endorse, confirm, support, verify or validate the accuracy or the reliability of any of the information posted by members on this site. This includes but is not limited to all text, photographs, pictures, and any other content.

You explicitly, expressly, and totally understand and agree that ProphetMuhammad.com assumes no liability or responsibility, financial, or otherwise for the truthfulness, accuracy, intent, motives, or behavior of anyone on this site or any of its affiliate sites. You meet people on ProphetMuhammad.com at your own risk. People use the internet for various motives and intentions. It is your responsibility and solely your responsibility to verify the accuracy, truthfulness, good intentions, and motives of anyone that you meet on this site. ProphetMuhammad.com is not responsible and is not liable for any aspect of any conversations, contact, or other information exchanged between members online or offline.

ProphetMuhammad.com assumes no financial or any form of responsibility or liability for any financial loss, material loss, emotional harm, physical harm, or any other type of loss or harm you may incur as a result of contacting or being contacted by, communicating with, meeting, interacting with, or conducting business with anyone you meet on this site or any of its affiliates or through any links associated with these.

You agree that you will NOT request money or any form of financial or material assistance from any other member that you meet through this site. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN and your details may be passed onto third parties who enforce the law. Your conversations are recorded and you AGREE that your conversations are recorded in order for you to use ProphetMuhammad.com as a matrimonial service. We MAY pass your conversations on to any third parties in the cases of fraud/scams and other cons that can seek to harm either ProphetMuhammad.com or its members.


You agree to indemnify ProphetMuhammad.com, its staff and stakeholders against any loss or damages, including without limitation reasonable legal fees, which we may suffer from your activities on or use of the site, including without limitation any breach by you of this Agreement or any charges or complaints made by other parties against you.

Inappropriate Use of ProphetMuhammad.com

ProphetMuhammad.com intends to pursue vigorous legal action against any individual or business entity engaging in inappropriate use of this site. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:

Posting in your profile or communicating through your profile any content promoting or soliciting commercial activity including advertising the selling of any product or service, including joining or acquiring membership in any other website.

Engaging in any practice with the intent of gathering personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, financial information or any other kind of information from our members.

Requesting money, or any other form of financial assistance, from any member that you meet on this site

Sending money or any form of financial asset to any other member that you meet on this site

Participating in any funds transfer or any asset transfer arrangement organized by any member you meet on this site.

Termination of Access to ProphetMuhammad.com

If ProphetMuhammad.com deems it appropriate in its sole discretion, we may terminate or suspend any member's account at any time, with or without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of this Agreement. Any fraudulent, illegal, suspicious, immoral activity or any other type of activity that would infringe upon another member's right to enjoy using the site will result in the termination of your membership and the deletion of your profile.

Service Interruption

From time to time due to technological factors, scheduled software uploads and other factors beyond our control, service may be temporarily interrupted. From time to time, certain features of the site may not be available. You agree to hold ProphetMuhammad.com harmless against any such interruption of service.

Content Deletion:

Monitoring Policies and Practices

Agreement to Receive Notifications and Other Communications

ProphetMuhammad.com reserves the right to send electronic mail to you and to other members. The purpose of this communication includes but is not limited to:

Inform you of any change to the status your membership.

Inform you of any modifications to this Agreement or of any additions or changes to the site's service.

Provide information to you regarding our affiliate or partner sites.

Inform you about any ProphetMuhammad.com related products or services.

Provide you with information about any item that we think, in our sole discretion, may be of interest to you.

Please do NOT mark our emails as spam or as nuisance email. Emails sent from our system regarding important changes do NOT have unsubscribe/opt-out information because these are seen as NECESSARY to inform members of important changes.

Content on the website:

about the knowledge, opinions that are shared on this website we do not take responsibility for the interpretation by others.

ProphetMuhammad.com is not responsible for the views, opinions, comments etc that are shared by the speakers/scholars/counselors/psychotherapist/ doctors etc

ProphetMuhammad.com does not promote or publicize any of the speakers/ scholars/ counselors/ psychotherapist/ doctors etc. This is just a platform for an open dialogue and conversation regarding matters of marriage, family and children within the Islamic morals and principles.

These are general outlines provided by us for your information; implementation of this information is solely based on your discretion.

Terms of Use Modifications

ProphetMuhammad.com may periodically modify this agreement. It is your sole responsibility to review this agreement at least on a monthly basis to determine if any of the modifications are unacceptable to you. If any subsequent modifications are deemed unacceptable, you must immediately discontinue use of the site. Your login subsequent to reviewing any modifications constitutes a binding acceptance by you of any and all modifications to the Agreement.

Our website is used at your own risk. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to your hardware and/or software resulting from your access and/or use of the website.