Our Prophet's
"And you are truly ˹a man˺ of outstanding character"
[Surah Al-Qalam 68:4]
The Islamic Methodology of Correction
By: Shaikh Zafar Ul Hasan Al Madani

Easy - The Islamic approach towards correcting the society is based upon easy methods so people can easily adapt or change themselves. Allah declares magnificently that His laws are meant to make life easy and not difficult.

Allah intends easiness upon you, He does not want to put you into difficulties
Surah al Baqarah -185

Full of Hope - Instilling hope in the heart of a sinner makes his return to the righteous path and getting connected to Allah easier.

Tell my worshippers who have committed a lot of sins - Do not despair the mercy of Allah, Indeed He forgives all the sins collectively.
Surah Zumar 53
Good things are permitted
The duty of the Prophet is to declare all the good things as permitted, assures
Surah Al Araf ayat 15

The term ‘Tayyib’ means good and pure. There were many things which were halal but the people made it haram upon themselves. The finest example can be of Vegetarians; One group amongst them does not even permit eating vegetables like potatoes and onions that grow underground. In ancient days, the Bani Israel self-imposed a ban on certain food items like camel’s milk, fats of animals etc. In some cultures, women in menstruation were not allowed to eat food along with the rest of the family members and were not even allowed to touch their husbands. From food to culture, many things remain haram(forbidden) even today based upon people’s own rulings. Islam dismissed the wrong concepts to make life easy.

Islamic laws relieve people of their burden and the shackles that bind them 

Before the advent of the Prophet ﷺ , the world was being chained by torturous, atrocious social and traditional customs and rituals that came from rulers, families or peer pressure. The arrival of the Prophet ﷺ caused ease of certain laws.

The Bani Israel had a punishment of killing their people who worshipped the calf. There was a time when one of the laws of the Bani Israel stated that if one part of the cloth got dirty, no matter how expensive it was, the impure part could not be washed but had to be torn off. One law among them was so harsh that if a part of the body became impure then it had to be cut off or the skin be peeled off .

Such harsh punishments were eased by one ayat revealed by Allah:

The Prophet relieves the people off their burden and shackles which were upon them
Surah Al Araf 157

Commanding good and stopping from evil was a characteristic of the Prophet ﷺ which helped to establish goodness in the society and warn people about the harms of evil whether it was the society of Jews or Christians or pagan Arabs; A universal Prophet indeed!