Our Prophet's
"And you are truly ˹a man˺ of outstanding character"
[Surah Al-Qalam 68:4]
The Roman Emperor knew about the Advent of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ from his Book
By: Shaikh Zafar Ul Hasan Al Madani
And [mention] when Jesus, the son of Mary, said, "O children of Israel, indeed I am the Messenger of Allah to you confirming what came before me of the Torah and bringing good tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmad." But when he came to them with clear evidence, they said, "This is obvious magic.
" Surah Saff- verse 7

The above mentioned verse gives testimony of the Qur’an that the advent of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ had been foretold in the Injeel.

Quran raises your self esteem

Imam Bayhaqi quotes his teacher, Al Hakeem. Abu Umamah Al Bahili (May Allah be pleased with him) says that he narrates it from Hisham ibn Aas:

“I and another Companion of the Prophet, were chosen to be sent as delegates to the Roman Emperor Heraclius. When we left for Rome, we first went to Shaam, which was a part of the Roman empire.  There we went to see the governor of Sham. We reached Damascus and alighted in front of the Residency of the governor, Jabala ibn Hayyam al Ghassani. The news of our arrival was conveyed to the governor. He did not respond to them except that he sent a junior officer to meet us. We conveyed to him , “We are carrying a message for the Ruler, not his juniors. We must meet him or we shall return.”

The Sahabah trusted the words of their Prophet ﷺ

The junior officer returned and informed the governor. He got angry and called them to him. Both of them were guided to the court of Jabala. They conveyed the message of Touhid to him. He was wearing a complete black outfit; from cap to socks, everything was black. Hisham asked him courageously, “What is this on your body?” (the reason why you are wearing all black)

He replied, “I have sworn that as long as I don't drive away each and every Muslim from my land, I will only wear a black dress.”

Hisham responded, “I swear by Allah! We have also decided that until we don't snatch away your throne and kingdom, we are also not going to go back. We have been informed by our Prophet ﷺ about this.”

This heated argument ensued between a ruler, in his own court, and two common men with only Touhid at their side.

The moment he heard this, the governor said, “You are not the ones who will snatch away our kingdom because we know who will be those people. It is about the advent of a prophet as told by our Books. Those would be the people who would be fasting during the day and offer prayers at night.”

 The governor was referring to the prophecy mentioned in his own Book, Injeel.

Hisham (May Allah be pleased with him) insisted that they were the same people who had been mentioned in their Book.  Although they had no military support, Hisham took a bold stance in his court because he had complete faith in the words of Our Prophet ﷺ. The governor did not realize that the prophecy had been made about the same group of people, who had come to his court. The signs of the victory that had been mentioned in the prophecy were: Fasting and Tahajjud.

Touhid presented in the court of Roman Emperor

 He then cautioned the ruler. The moment he heard this, the Governor’s face turned black, out of distress. He said in a hurry, “Get up and go!”

He called his assistant and asked him to take the two men to Rome to meet the emperor.

Hisham said, “As we traveled and reached near Rome, our Roman companion stopped us and said, “You cannot ride on your own animals if you want to enter the Roman empire. The protocol is to ride on a government's animal when a visitor wants to meet the ruler.”

 Hisham refused to abide, “We will ride into the court on our own animals, or we will go back.”

 The Roman assistant reported the whole matter to the Emperor. The Emperor bent his rules and allowed the travelers to visit him on their animals.

Only two Muslims could make the emperor concede to their demands. Sadly, today Muslims in such huge numbers cannot get the other nations to cave in to their demands. The only difference between the past and present Muslims was that they obeyed Our Prophet ﷺ wholeheartedly and learned the noble Akhlaq (character) of our beloved Prophet ﷺ. The two Muslims rode inside the royal premises. They could not find any place to tie their animals so they tied them with the pillars just outside the court.

The impact of Touhid

Hisham continued, “The ruler was watching us. We announced our arrival by exclaiming : La ilaha Illa Allah wallahu akbar.

By Allah, the help of Allah could be felt. . The moment we uttered these words, there was a tremor in the court as if there was an earthquake. Everything, including the furniture and lamps, was shaking. Heraclius asked his translator to inform us, “Tell them not to announce their religion in my court.”

The translator came  and took us to the private chamber of the Emperor, where he was sitting on a huge throne studded with emeralds. His military officials and ministers were in the chamber, too. In Damascus, Sham’s governor was wearing an all black outfit but Heraclius was clothed in red. We reached closer to him. He laughed at us mockingly and said, “You have insulted us. You should have at least greeted us. Why did you not greet us the way you greet among yourselves?”

Roman Emperor examines the proofs

There was a Christian in the court who knew Arabic, who translated it for Heraclius. Hisham explained that his greetings (Assalamualaikum [May Allah’s mercy be upon you]) were not meant for Christians or non Muslims. Heraclius then asked, “How do you greet each other?”

Hisham replied, “Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu”.

Heraclius asked, “Then how do you greet your seniors or ruler?”

Hisham explained, “The same greetings with which we greet common people.”.

Heraclius wanted to know more, so he asked, “How do you reply to the greetings?”

Hisham said, “Walaykumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakutuhu.”

Heraclius asked, “How do your seniors and ruler respond to your greetings?”

Hisham replied, “Same as the commoners.”

Hercaclius then continued,  “Which are the most valued words in your sight?”

Hisham said, “La ilaha Illa Allah , Allahuakbar”

The moment he uttered these words, there was a tremor that shook the entire court.

Heraclius asked, “Do you always experience such tremors in your cities when you recite these words?”

Hisham said, “No. This is the first time we have experienced them.”

Heraclius said, “Our prophet foretold us that one day these words of Touhid would bring victory (to others) over our kingdom and palace.”

The two were kept with honour and they returned after conveying their message.