Our Prophet's
"And you are truly ˹a man˺ of outstanding character"
[Surah Al-Qalam 68:4]
The victory of Muslims was due to Touhid
By: Shaikh Zafar Ul Hasan Al Madani

During the Persian Arab war, the ruler of Iran called upon his court along with military intelligence and asked, “Who is larger in number? Us or those Muslims?”

They replied, “Our number is greater.”

He then asked, “Who has stronger weaponry between the two?”

They replied, “We have stronger weaponry.”

Then he asked, “In spite of our greater strength and larger numbers, how come these unlettered people, who have travelled  all the way from Madinah, are taking away our cities one by one?”

One of the ministers said, “We may be stronger in everything but we have noticed something amazing in them. They stand up the whole night in worship and fight during the day while we drink alcohol and sleep.”

Islam echoed in the court of China

Imam ibn Hibban narrates in his authentic hadith:

 “When the Persian army was being defeated, one of the princes fled with his family. He took refuge in China. He met the ruler of China and requested them to help him in regaining Persia. The ruler asked about the invading army’s character. He replied, “They are strange people. Two things stand out the most; They fight without any fatigue and never give up. At night, one of them stands in prayer and calls others too, facing the Kaabah and chants Allahu Akbar. Each soldier wakes up and washes their body parts and joins the prayers. A strange way of worship and obedience of Imam. They stand up when their Imam stands up and they bow and prostrate when the Imam does. When we meet them, we ask them where did they learn such things from? They say- From the Book given by Allah.”

After hearing this, the Chinese ruler said, “I have a huge army who can help you regain Persia. The size is so huge that the first part of the army would be in Persia and the last part of the army would still be in China, but there is no point in fighting them. This is because the characteristics that you have informed us about them are enough to prevent any community or army from dominating them.”

 The influence of a Muslim depends upon his strength of Emaan. Only two common Muslims could cause a quake in the court of superpowers of that time.

 گنوا دی ہم نے جو اسلاف سے میراث پائی تھی

ثریا سے زمیں پر آسماں نے ہم کو دے مارا

We lost the legacy that our (pious) predecessors had left for us,

We were thrown out of the seven sisters (stars) by the sky onto the earth.

(We were thrown from the pinnacle of success/power/fame to the depths of decline)